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In 2006 Freund Drehtechnik moved to the newly built administration and production plant at Wibschla 39 in Lüdenscheid. In addition to the expansion of production capacities and the expansion of the administrative department it was the main target of this project also to improve working conditions and to implement a state-of-the-art production line to make production even more efficient.

According to this basic concept various measures for the use of the exhaust air of the lathes, the reduction of primary energy consumption and for optimizeing the working environment and the conservation of environmental resources have been implemented. The EnergieAgentur NRW provided advice during the planning stage. Specifically, the following projects were completed:

  • The production facility requires no primary energy in the form of CO² producing energy sources as fuels oil, gas or coal. Through an efficient use of exhaust air from the equipment our building is 100% free of CO² sulfur and soot emissions.
  • The energy requirements for electricity were as far as possible reduced by automated shutdowns by a sufficiently sized compensation system and through the use of energy-saving products.
  • Structurally more energy savings could be achieved. Firstly, by installing a skylight that runs the entire length of the hall and through a lighting system that is automatically dimmed by daylight sensors.
  • By combining the extraction and cleaning of the hot exhaust air of the machines the coolant heat emissions could be significantly reduced which resulted in an optimization of the working environment. Due to the recovery by electrostatic filters there are no significant losses during the cooling lubricant consumption and thus contributing to a further protection of environmental resources.

The state of North Rhine-Westphalia promoted and supported the project for heat recovery with 13,500 euro under the program REN. Our innovative energy-saving measures were widely featured in the regional and national press (Westfälische Rundschau, Lüdenscheider Anzeiger, Zeitschrift Aktiv, Der Spiegel, Innovation & Energie).

Freund Drehtechnik GmbH is ISO 14001 certified.


With the construction of the new production and administration facility the work environment was significantly improved and an innovative and energy-efficient concept for heat supply and energy saving has been successfully implemented.

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